Metin2 P Server


  1. The ownership of an account is determined by the ability to access the mail address under which it was registered.
  2. If you wish this address to be changed, please write a mail to the support (facebook) from this mail address with your request.
  3. Change requests, or requests made from other addresses will not be accepted except in the case detailed hereafter.
  4. If your email account was deleted or mispelled you may request a change ingame.
  5. The GM will check whether the registered mail exists; if it doesn't you're authorized to change it without following the normal procedure.
  6. For more informations, click here.
  7. By sharing your account you are responsible for anything that may happen to it.
  8. We are not responsible for any loss of items,Dragon coins, golds or eventual damages to the characters inside the account. In case the account break our rules, even it is someone else using your account, we may suspend it or ban it permanently at our discrection.
  9. This includes but is not limited to every related account by IP or Email.
  10. We are not responsible for any loss of items due to keylogger, playing on illegal servers using the same data, or any other situations which involve a security breach from the user's side.
  11. Every item inside the account belongs to you and it is impossible to take it away unless it is dropped on the floor, sold or passed via trade window /shop mode.
  12. We are not responsible for any mistakes done using the game's tools or for any borrowed item / account.
  13. Any character with explicit reference to political, religious, racist or other hot top topic, names will be punished according to our own criteria.
  14. The sales of accounts, characters, items or any other services provided by Agero, for real money is strictly forbidden.
  15. This includes but is not limited to: exchange of items for other servers, games, material or virtual items.
  16. Language:
  17. All languages can be used in general chat !
  18. Players who advertise, mention or link hacks or illegal servers or use offensive language. Those who attempt to make trades between servers will also be punished directly without a warning at the discretion of the staff.
  19. Determining what constitutes offensive language or not is entirely at the discretion of the staff member assigned to the case.
  20. Players who posts links or partial links different from and relative associated service, will be punished unless they were authorized by a Game Admin.
  21. This includes but is not limited to shop names, character names, guild names, etc.
  22. Spamming the same message on the normal or call chat is not allowed and may result on a block of the chat or even the suspension of the account. Behaviour:
  23. Use of hacks, bots, or any third party program, macros or any other way to automate farming or exp of your character will result in permanent suspension of all your accounts and at our discrection, the shared account involved as well.
  24. Scamming a player with fake promises, false tips to steal items, impersonation of players or admins or any other malicious behaviour, will result in permanent suspension of all your account.
  25. Spreading false rumors ingame concerning rules, Admins or any other case is strictly forbidden
  26. Any behaviour that goes far beyond the limit of the normal pvp and borderds on the limit of abuse, may be warned or sanctioned as harassment at the discrection of the staff.
  27. The players should not disobey or debate and argue any order coming from the Game Masters, Senior Game Masters or Game Admin (with only expection of the request of personal data, like password or login id).
  28. The player may report the order if he thinks it was an abuse of power or just unfair at Facebook
  29. Bug using and exploits are strictly forbidden. Abusing the multi account to obtain unfair advantages with quests or ingame systems is strictly forbidden.
  30. The players are forced to report any bug or known exploit to the Admins.
  31. The players caught using bugs or exploits, may be suspended, permanently banned or stripped of some items at the team's discretion.
  32. There is no limit of how many accounts you can bring to Demon Tower, however, they must all be logged in through all the Floors of the Dungeon.
  33. Players are permitted to AFK Farm, as long as they don't use any kind of Macros, (Pickup, Heal, Etc) giving them unfair advantage in the Game.
  34. ItemMall:
  35. AgeroM2 is the only party that can sell the item mall points for real money.
  36. The item mall is personal.
  37. You shall not give access to other players to charge your account with item mall items.
  38. Since we offer a simple system ingame of exchange mall points with the use of special ring, we are not responsible for any losses due to sharing.
  39. Every mispurchase should be reported within 2 hours from the purchase either at facebook or at .
  40. In case the item was used, partialy consumed or even equipped, the refund will not happen.
  41. The refund will be equal or lower to the cost of the mispurchased item.
  42. We are not responsible for any mistakes done due to misinterpretation of the item mall description, advices from other players either in game or in forum or personal experience with other servers.
  43. Reporting and Sanctions:
  44. Violation of these rules may be reported by any player either through the official support on Agero facebook ingame through a Game Administrator (GA, SGM GM).
  45. Players who are found guilty of violating any of the rules stated here, either in game or through the Forum, may have their main or secondary accounts disconnected, muted or banned temporarily or permanently at the discretion of the staff member and depending on the severity of the infraction.
  46. By no means a player should speak for any banned player unless previous authorization from a Game Master due to language barriers or other relevant reasons.
  47. Players who try to deceive or mislead the staff into punishing a player with false or fabricated proof may be punished themselves.
  48. The Admins has the final word on every case.
  49. Insulting, creating havock, spreading rumors or implying corruption without solid evidences and just because the decision is not liked will lead to heavy sanctions, included but not limited to the suspension of all your accounts.
  50. Abusing our services of reports will lead to suspension or in extreme case, the permanent block of the account/s
  51. Miscellaneous:
  52. In special cases the team may have to trust the player's word to solve a situation.
  53. Any proved or suspected lie will have heavy consequences for the player, on current and future cases as well.
  54. In agreement to our terms and conditions, we can block any account for any reasons at any time.
  55. Due to this, we are not forced to provide any evidences regardless the ban reason.
  56. In case of massive rules break from different players, the Admin can ban one or just few of them to restore the order ingame and this should not be subject of complains regarding the fairness of the act.
  57. In the same way, a ban may be lifted at the Admin's discretion.
  58. Ingame Events may have different rules that temporary replace the current rules.
  59. The players are forced to respect these rules.